Back to the basics

I personally love mismatch colored nails :) It looks fun, simple and easy to do but I can still achieve a interesting mani. On top of that I get to wear a lot more polish at once and can play with more colors. The most important thing of all is I find that when I wear only one color it is rare to find a color that matches well with my skin tone. But when I wear couple colors at once, there isn't as big of a contrast with my skin tone.
I used the wet n wild color as a base color and wore 2 different glitters on my 4th nail because I felt like the larger sparkles was too hard to put on and didn't cover enough ground so I layered smaller glitter on top. and that worked very well :)

From Left to Right:
-Milani (530 Gems)
- H&M (Spark Me Up)
-Wet n' Wild (218 Black Mail)
-Forever 21 (Cocca)
-Spatitual (Endless Possibilities)

By Cho.

Back to the basics Back to the basics Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. This is such a fun combination of polishes! I love Milani Gems!

    1. thanks thanks! If only my nails can grow faster and stronger...then I can paint nonstop


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