Perfect Stamping with XL Image Plate C but...

I have fallen in love with stamping using my XL stamper that I got earlier.
I love how it's so squishy and easy to use.
For some reason, I can't use it to pick up images on my Konad plates and other regular size plates.  I can only use it on my XL plates...

So, I used the 2 new colors I got from Lioele as base


Then with my new found love - my XL stamper - and my XL image plate C, I easily stamped on the images.  I used the 5 images next to the XL stamper

Isn't this perfect?

Then I cleaned on the side and applied top coat...
That's when the disaster happened!!!!

The top coat melted the stupid Lioele purple polish and the purple got all over the place!
I am so pissed!  For the first time that I have gotten such perfect images, it had to be ruined so unexpectedly!!!!

I hate this Lioele Deep Purple.
The green is fine.  The purple suck! Makes me want to throw it out the window!


Perfect Stamping with XL Image Plate C but... Perfect Stamping with XL Image Plate C but... Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, September 14, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. The purple looks like a comlpetely different effect, it looks nice actually :)

    1. really? thx...happy to know it didn't just look a clump of mess~


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