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    Essie and MAC Swatches

    Was just getting the base colors for stamping. Then after I painted my nails, I realized how pretty these colors look!!! (these are all new colors that I haven't use yet~)

    No. 1 - Essie 744 Topless & Barefoot

    No. 2 - Essie 579 Catwalk

    No. 3 - MAC Frost Soirée

    No. 4 - Essie 752 Lion Around

    I applied 2 coats for all the colors.

    All the Essie colors used here have this pearlie effect. It goes on so amazingly smooth! About a million times better than their other regular sheer/opaque colors. I am really surprised by these pearlie colors. I love how the red gives a true red color. I have other red colors that gives a hint of blue when I put it on. I hate blue on me, so I really love this red!!!!!

    As for the MAC, I love how opaque the gold can get. It can totally get away with just one coat, but I just apply 2 coats here. The glitter bits is really tiny, giving a very smooth look. I hope it can come off easily too...since glitters are usually hard to wash off. A note on the side is that I got this MAC for just $10HKD! That's less than $1.5 USD!!!! Woohoo. I got it at a mini sale at work. I have no idea why there is a cosmetic sale as my company is not in the beauty industry~

    I am in love with all these colors!!!



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