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    Lush Fantasy and Motivation Eyeliner Swatch

    Bought a couple of Lush eyeliners lately.
    They are Fantasy (gold) and Motivation (greenish blue / turquoise).
    They are super pigmented!
    Glides on smoothly.
    Love the 2 colors together.
    A bad thing about it is that they seem to dry up VERY FAST!
    I actually wanted to get the purple, however, all the purple in the shop were dried up.  So I had to get this greenish color instead.
    I like how they are blendable.  So, they can be used as an eyeshadow.

    I wish I can go to work at 11am everday.  So, I can have time to do all sorts of different makeup to go to work.  Then I can use these liners that I have gotten lately.




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