Nail Art Haul!!!!!

I have said that I would stop buying nail art products for at least a couple years.  However, I couldn't help myself again this time.  The only difference this time is that I am quite disappointed in what I ordered.  The only stickers that I am satisfied with from this order are the ones above.  They are water decals.  They look pretty good.  Haven't tried using them, so i don't know about the quality.

The thing that got me wanting to make a new purchase is some really cute nail wrap designs that I saw online.  This is the picture what tricked me into buying:

The designs look cute and the colors looks bright and the edges of the images look defined, right? 
I previously bought from this online shop before and I got some really great quality for some nail wraps.  So, this time I go all out with these design, assuming their quality will be just as great since the price is the same.
(here is the link to the shop when you are wondering where I got them:

Here is a picture of the real actual product:

I am so disappointed to see the actual product!  The colors are off.  The images are blurry with low pixel.  The whole thing just doesn't look good at all.  I can assure you, these stickers already look better here than in real life!
I find it the brand's problem.  The nail sicker with good quality I got last time is the brand on the left in the picture below.  The bad quality ones are from the brand on the right.  

Aside from nail stickers, I got some other supplies. (Picture below)
I got pink and white pearls with various sizes and colors~
A feather water nail decal.
A rainbow color nail foils

Something else that I really like from this purchase are some 3D nail art decals.  I got cakes and ice creams and bows.  They are so cute and tiny!  Can't wait to use them.

I love those tiny little pearl hearts!!!!!  They will look so cute on the nails.

Looking at these pictures, I think I have gotten just a little tooooo much.  Afterall, I only have 10 fingers.

Nail Art Haul!!!!! Nail Art Haul!!!!! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, June 01, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. WOW so many pretty things *___* I haven't buy nail art accessoires in a long while, seeing your post definitely makes me wanna do so though xD

    1. gogogo! buy buy buy!
      can't stop buying.


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