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    Yes Enjoy Time! (Y.E.T) Nail Wrap

    I saw this nail wrap on Gmarket a long time ago.  I really wanted to get them but the shipping and the sticker itself was too expensive for me.  Then one day I saw this on a group buy site for half the price of Gmarket. I knew then that I must get it!!!! I am glad I did!

    There are 18 pieces of various sizes in the package.  You just measure which one would fit your nail, rip it off the plastic then stick it on your nail.  It's really simple.  Make sure to stretch and pull a bit so it applies on your nail without any wrinkles at the edges.    

    I only used 6 stickers this time.  This way, I can use this package 3 times!

    I am really loving it.  I hope it can last at least 5 days or so.



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