Étude House Peel Off Base Coat

I love glitter polishes.  I have lots of them, but I almost never use them.  It's because it drives me crazy to watch them off.  The glitter would ripped the cotton ball apart and refused to be washed away.

I saw online somewhere that people would apply a layer of glue on their nails before applying the glitter polish.  That way, the polish would just peel off in warm water bath.  I wanted to try that before, but I was too lazy to get an empty nail polish bottle to fill with glue.  I also didn't want to test out which blue works the best.

I was in Etude House and saw their Peel Off Base.  It's pretty much the same idea as using glue as base.  I would apply 2 coats on my bare nails, wait for it to dry and then apply my regular nail polish / glitter polish.  

Your polish will last a day or so before they start falling off.  I love this, as I always want to change my mani, but too lazy to wash them off.  Now, I can wear a different glitter polish each day and not worry about having to sit down for at least 30 min to wash them off.

I just scratch the edges of my nail a bit and kind of scrape it a little and the whole thing just falls off~
Cool, eh?


Étude House Peel Off Base Coat Étude House Peel Off Base Coat Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, July 26, 2013 Rating: 5


  1. That's so cool! Do you think the polish can be used as a press-on nail after you remove it?

    1. they are quite thin and crunchy...so i dun think it'll work.

  2. "Your polish will last a day or so before they start falling off"
    mean if I want my nail polish to stay for 1 week, it's not advisable to use them?
    cos honestly after 1 week also, I will have trouble to wash them. :(

    1. if you use this base, the polish will fall off on its own after a day or 2. It will shed off in an entire piece will you wash your hands or when you grab something in your bag. The most I can make them last was 3 days. It' great or when you are lazy wash your nail polish. However, if you want your manicure to last a week, I don't think this base can help.


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