Vintage doilies nail wrap

My nails have been stained yellow.  Although they are not dry and brittle for now, I still want to give them a rest from all the nail polish.  So, I am using a nail wrap now.  It's a vintage looking nail wrap with doilies and flowers.  Love the color combination.

I don't know if nail wraps are really harmless to nails, but at least they won't stain my nails any further.  Also, I have used nail wraps nonstop for a month before and my nails never got dry and brittle like how it would if I continuously apply nail polish.  But do let me know if nail wraps are harmful in way I still don't know.

Here wraps come in a package of 21 stickers.  14 full nail stickers and 7 French nail stickers.    I love how my 10 fingers each has a different design.

I love the quality of this brand.  Not too thick and not to thin.  Easy to apply and won't react with my top coat to form wrinkles.


Here are some more pictures.

I wonder if this brand has other designs.  I want to ge them all.  One of the best quality nail wraps I have used.

Some people asked me how to use nail wraps.  Here is a short video of how I apply them.  It's really simple,  At the beginning of the video, you can see my yellow stained nails.  That's from prolong use of nail polish.  Hope you won't be too grossed out by them.


Vintage doilies nail wrap Vintage doilies nail wrap Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, October 20, 2013 Rating: 5


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