Sneaky Kitty Water Decal Nail Art

Isn't this cute? I love my ring finger. Love the sneaky looking kitty. As always Cho hates the look. She thinks I have weird taste. 

Sorry about the horrible quality of the product picture. I took it with my phone. 

You can get these here:

A little about these decals. They are quite opaque but very thin. So I would suggest using these on light base color. You will need to be very careful when using these as they are very thin, so they may fold when you are trying to transfer the image from the paper to your nails with a tweezers. 

This time I was in a hurry to finish my nails so I didn't take step to step pics. If you want to know how to use water decal, just click on other designs with water decal and there should be some explanation. 

Sneaky Kitty Water Decal Nail Art Sneaky Kitty Water Decal Nail Art Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Monday, July 07, 2014 Rating: 5


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