Brunch Club

I love all day breakfast.  Found this all day breakfast place call Brunch Club in Central and decided to have some breakfast for dinner!  This place is on one of the super steep slopes in Soho.  I felt like I was dying while climbing up the slope in this super hot summer weather!  Don't wear heels when you come to this place.  You will regret it FOR SURE!

We ordered a lamb burger and a pork sausage egg benedict.

Here is the lamb burger.  I like the salad.  Usually the restaurants are really stingy about the dressing on the salad, but here they would loud it up.  I never had a lamb burger before.  They asked us how we want it, we said medium well, but when it came, it was definitely a well done.  I thought the patty would have a texture like a beef burger.  Turns out it's more like the sausage in the sausage egg mcmuffin you get from McDonald's.  Nonetheless, I like it.  Love the sauce and everything.

Here is the pork sausage egg benedict. It's very buttery.  I felt so guilty after eating it.

Address: G/F, 70 Peel Street, Central

Brunch Club is at point T in "Places Part 1" on the map.

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