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    Saks Fifth Avenue - Hula Hula Swatch

    There are a whole bunch of nail polishes that I haven't used at home.  This is one of them.  It's Saks Fifth Avenue's Hula Hula.  I love this sheer peachy pink color.  It makes your nails look healthy.

    This is after 1 coat.

    2 coats.

    3 coats.  I think it looks best with 3 coats.  However, you have to be very patient to wait for it to completely dry.  I actually was impatient and ruined my half dried nails after I took this pictures.  Sad :(

    If you are interested on getting something from Saks Fifth Avenue, you can get some discount coupon/code here:



    1. Lovely polish! Yes, I like it better how it looks with 3 coats, sorry about the drying time.

    2. This is a lovely neutral shade :)


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