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    Cute Patterns Nail Wrap

    Cute Patterns Nail Wrap MDS1009

    This is a very cute nail wrap.  It is style number MDS1009.  I love the different patterns on it.  Well, most of the patterns, you can paint it with your hands, but you can never do it so properly, right?  I applied these to my nails and got lots of compliments on them.  Basically, everything thought they were painted on.  That's how natural and smooths these apply on your nails.  They were all very surprised that these were stickers.  To be honest, if you look at a distance of 15cm of less, you will see the pixelated print.  However, who would look at your nails so closely?  So, no one could tell they were stickers.

    Cute Patterns Nail Wrap MDS1009

    The package is like this.  It comes with 14 strips of nail wraps with 7 sizes.

    Cute Patterns Nail Wrap MDS1009

    You can get these here:

    Cute Patterns Nail Wrap MDS1009

    Just find the right size for your nails, stick them on, smooth it out, then apply top coat!

    Cute Patterns Nail Wrap MDS1009



    1. Very pretty nail wraps. Love that you have on each nail an another pattern. It looks cute on your nails!

      1. i like how there are different patterns too. won't b so boring.


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