Lanciano Ristorante @ Hong Kong

I love this little restaurant call Lanciano Ristorante in Taipo.  It's, in my opinion, the best western food restaurant in the Taipo area.

They are quite pricey for a restaurant in the New Territories.  However, unlike other western restaurants that make Asianized Italian/Western food, this place makes food with real cream, risotto that isn't soft and pasta that's really al dente.

I've been to this place a few times, hence all these pictures.

Love this crab meat soup.  Very creamy and the egg makes it even creamier.  There are loads of crab meat in it too.

Here is the spinach, oyster and crab meat risotto.  I hate how other places make soft risotto that reminds me of congee.  It's risotto!  Not congee!

Carbonara!  I feel so guilty eating this!  The amount of cream is enough to choke me.  I love it.

Everything is just so good.  I can't really explain how good they taste.  Looking through the pictures make me drool already.

This seafood pasta is loaded with seafood.  It seems there are more seafood than pasta!

I love lamb.  I love how the lamb smell isn't too strong here.  It's just right.  I love the mash potato under the lamb too!

I can't even remember what kind of pizza this is.  I just remember it's good!

Mushroom risotto.  One word, awesome!

Here is a pasta version of the spinach, oyster and crab meat risotto.  I like how they can change the menu according to your taste.

Baked oysters.  I didn't really like this dish though.  It's not bad, but not very special either.

One of my favorite pizza! It's marzawella and tomato pizza.

Pork knuckle  Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

As said, this is a little on the pricey side for a restaurant in Taipo. It can easily cost HKD$300/person for dinner.  

Address: G/F, 31-33, Yan Hing Street, Tai Po

Lanciano Ristorante at point Z on the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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  1. Those look like delicious!! Yummy!! I wanna try all :D
    Love Miciih


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