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    Teddy Bear Water Decal Nail Art YU481

    Teddy Bear Water Decal Nail Art YU481

    Overloaded with cuteness is this teddy bear manicure using water decal.  I just have so much that I can't stop using them.  Most of the time, I debate with myself whether to do my manicure free hand or with decal.  However, I have so much decal that it seems a waste if I don't use them.  I am practically changing my manicure on a daily basis.  Luckily, I am using a gel nail polish, so each time when I change the water decal design on my nails, I just wipe it off with nail polish remover.  It will only wipe away the water decal and the top coat I seal it in with.  The gel polish underneath is perfectly intact.  This way, I can just quickly stick on new decals to get a new design.  No time wasted in applying a base color all over again.

    Polishes I used from left to right:Fuse (unknown)
    Fuse V-amp 71913
    Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

    This time I am using YU481.  The images are cute and quite opaque.

    Teddy Bear Water Decal Nail Art YU481

    You can get this here:

    First, cut out the image you plan to use and remove the clear plastic film on top.

    Put the image in a bowl of room temperature water for about 5 seconds.

    Remove the image from the water and you can see here that the image can easily slide off the paper now.

    Then you just place the decal on your nails, dab off excess water with a tissue and seal in the design with a top coat.

    Teddy Bear Water Decal Nail Art YU481

    Teddy Bear Water Decal Nail Art YU481



    1. The Teddy's look so sad :( I would be really curious about your decal collection!

      1. lets just say it's getting out of hand. I have so many different decals that I don't even kno where I placed some of them.

    2. they're really cute! I get you it would be such a pitty NOT to use them!


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