Day 3: 唐戶市場 Karatoichiba - Shimonoseki, Japan

This is the reason that attracted us to the Karatoichiba 唐戶市場!  We woke up quite early for this as the train ride as nearly 2 hours!  As this fish market closes around 3pm, we had to go early as we planned on visiting the Kawachi Fujien later in the afternoon.  The fish market's ready to eat food section only opens on weekend.  That's what information on the web says.  So, we squeeze Karatoichiba 唐戶市場 into our schedule on the Sunday that we were there.

We just took the normal train...well, I really haven't figure our the names of the different train lines in Japan.  They are just so confusing, but whatever.  I took the train to Mojiko Station then walk to the direction of the sea and found the ferry to Karatoichiba!  The ferry was just a quick 5 min ride.


Getting off the ferry, just follow the crowd. They are all likely going to the Karatoichiba 唐戶市場.  There is also an aquarium there, but we have no time for that....maybe next time when I go back for another visit.  It was such an eventful day.  There were lots of people putting on shows.  This money is so cute.  I have mix feelings about it though.  It's cute, but I feel is kind of cruel to have it perform.

One of the most crowded place I've been to during this Japan trip.

Just a few minutes walk from the pier, we arrive at 唐戶市場 Karatoichiba!

Greeted by the giant bloat fish~  It's time for our brunch!  I am quite surprised that the fish market doesn't smell bad at all.  Unlike the wet market in Hong Kong, which makes me wanna puke eat time.

Sashimi rice bowls, deep fried goodies, sushi, sashimi!!!!

We barely had enough room to walk!  So crowded!  People are all looking around searching for the the best sushi!  In my opinion, they are all the same~  All good.

On the second floor, there are some tables and chairs where people can sit down and eat~  There are 4 of us.  All this for about 2500 yen per person.  We kept on buying and picking up sushi as if it was all you can eat...crazy.  But how can you say no to these yummy sashimi / sushi????

View of the market from the 2nd floor.  Super crowded!

Finally, it's time to take a walk outside.  There happened to have some sort of event happening where people are singing on stage and there are food stalls.  But we were too full to eat anymore.

It's such a relaxing place to take a walk by the sea. 

Time for some photos with the bloat fish along the seaside.

There were people dancing...don't know for what reason.

Wish we could stay longer, but we had to rush to our next destination to the Kawachi Fujien.

Opening hours
Fri, Sat: 10am to 3pm
Sun: 8am to 3pm

You can find Karatoichiba at point n in the list "Places Part 1" on the map below:


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Day 3: 唐戶市場 Karatoichiba - Shimonoseki, Japan Day 3: 唐戶市場 Karatoichiba - Shimonoseki, Japan Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, June 16, 2016 Rating: 5

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