Day 4: Thai Boxing at SO Sofitel Hua Hin - Thailand

Thai boxing is not a complementary activity at the hotel.  It's 400 baht per person for a lesson.  However, we got it for free. Why?  Because of some mishaps and so the hotel offered a Thai boxing lesson to compensate for it.  Only Cho was brave enough to try though because none of us wanted to do this in the heat with bare feet on the grass.  There are just too many big red ants running around!  It's like 33 degrees outside!  
There is a really big field of nothing in the hotel.  Then would set up the bean bag for Thai boxing when some request a lesson.  During our stay there, we didn't see anyone else taking a Thai boxing lesson.  I wonder if other even know if there is such activity available.

Such hard work under the heat.  I felt like I was melting just standing there for a few minutes.  I can't believe Cho is able to handle the 45min lesson she had.  The lesson is supposed to be 1 hour but it was too hot for Cho to endure another 15 minute.  Also, we had to head out for some sightseeing.  Cho said she loves Thai boxing.  It was her first time. According to her, it was super fun.

SO Sofitel Hua Hin is a point B on the list Places Part 1 on the map below:


Day 1: Terminal 21 > Siam Center > Siam Paragon > SO Sofitel Huahin
Day 4: Breakfast at Hotel > Chill at the Beach > Gym > Swim > Thai Boxing > Hua Hin Floating Market > Late Lunch at Market Village > Feet Massage at Lanfsh Spa > Hua Hin Night Market > Swim > Room Service
Day 5: Breakfast at Hotel > DMK Airport
Day 4: Thai Boxing at SO Sofitel Hua Hin - Thailand Day 4: Thai Boxing at SO Sofitel Hua Hin - Thailand Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, October 23, 2016 Rating: 5

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