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Never realized Vancouver can be that cold in the winter.  Well, still not as cold as Korea, but cold to that point that it hurts when I stay outside for more than 10 minutes.  It was in December and everyday was just rain rain rain.  Finally, for a day that isn't raining and snowing, I'd thought to go out and find something to do.  Never been to Tsawwassen Mills before.  My friends warned me that it isn't really a great place to shop at.  I went anyways.  It's supposed to be an outlet.  Took me around 40 minutes to drive there~  

What a sunny day after a month of raining nonstop...but I decided to spend it outdoor....

Finally, I've arrived!  The place is huge~

When I was told it is an outlet, I expected to have to walk outdoor each time I move to another shop.  Turns out it is a huge mall and we can just stay indoor all day jumping from shop to shop.

There is a huge Forever21.  They say it's on sale...but it's really the same price as any other Forever21 out there. The shop is huge, but no one was shopping there.  I was probably the only shopper in there.  The rest are staffs.

Even in the mall, there weren't many people.  Maybe because it was a week day?  One thing I noticed is that there aren't many luxury brand names I'd usually find in outlet malls.  It feels just like any other average malls I'd find in Vancouver or Richmond.  No special sales too....and I drove more than 40 minutes to get here.  I feel scammed....well, I was warned by my friends before I came...

Lots of runners/shoes...but they weren't on sale....why should I buy them here?

The food court is nice and big.  Not too many choices.  Feel over priced too...

Tsawwassen Mills is at point j in Places Part 2 on the map below:

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