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    Beaver Lake - Downtown Vancouver, Canada

    Beaver Lake is one of my favorite lake to go for a walk.  However, I rarely come here as I really don't know how to get here without a car.  Actually, for many places in Vancouver, I don't know how to get around without driving.  I usually come in the summer.  Wanted to see what it's like it the winter.  It's not as pretty in the winter, but it's still eerily beautiful with the lake frozen.

    There usually aren't many people here in the summer and it's even quieter in the winter.  I only saw a few other people taking a walk around the lake.

    Finally a part of the lake that isn't frozen where the ducks can still swim.

    Although the sun was bright, my ears and fingers were already frozen and in pain.  It was around -2 or -6 around the time I visited....

    Beaver Lake is at point k in Places Part 2 on the map below:



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