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    Enchant Christmas Light Maze and Market - Vancouver, Canada

    One of the biggest Christmas event when I went back to Vancouver was the Light Maze.  There were sooooo many people there.  Haven't seen so many people gather in one place in Vancouver for a long time.  Look at the line....but then we got in within minutes~

    We needed to find the 9 reindeers in the light maze to collect 9 stamps...to which we failed.  There were so many people!  We were all too busy taking selfies to think about gathering the stamps.  It was again a super freezing night.  My fingers were frozen. I couldn't really feel my fingers, making it difficult to take pictures...


    I wonder if they will continue to have the Light Maze the following years.

    The Light Maze is at point p in the list Places Part 2 on the map below:



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