Day 5: Busan Galbi - Seoul, South Korea

It was our last night in Seoul and we headed to Itaewon to check out the area.  We insisted that we should have Korean food when we are in Korea, even when the area is filled with other cuisines~

Luckily, we managed to find a nice looking Korean BBQ restaurant call Busan Galbi that's in the middle of many bars.  Cho has good eyes when trying to find things.  I would have missed this place which is on the 2nd floor.  

I like how the restaurants has an open balcony and that's where we sat.  We could see what's happening outside.  We had early dinner, so we got a table immediately.  Though it was early, people were already flowing into various bars and getting loud. 

It is probably the nicest/comfiest restaurant we dined at during this trip and of course the most expensive.  The waitress there are amazing.  Saw her speaking in 4 languages.  Japanese, Korea, Mandarin and English.  You got to be pretty talented to work there and she's in her 40's.

No idea which beef cut we ordered.   We just pointed to pictures and the waitress agreed that it's good.  We had 2 orders of beef, which is required to start the stove and a bowl of beef soup.

I love how the waitress would cook and cut the meat for me as I would most likely ruin it if I did it myself.

While the waitress is busy cooking, we have time for some food porn and selfies.

Always love how there are lots of sides to go with the meat.

Salivating as we watch her cook the meat.

Finally ready to eat and the waitress even put the meat on the side of the stove so it won't burn as quick.  

Very tender and beefy.  I guess price does make a big difference.  Pay more and get yummier meat!

Time for some soup

We thought the beef soup would be pretty bland, but we were wrong.  Full of beefy flavor and not oily at all. 

Juicy and tender beef that would fall off the bone~  Yummiest beef soup I've had in Korea.

Busan Galbi is at point P in Places Part 3 on the map below:


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Day 5: Busan Galbi - Seoul, South Korea Day 5: Busan Galbi - Seoul, South Korea Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, July 02, 2017 Rating: 5

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