Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun - Seoul, South Korea

Going on a business trip to Seoul for 3 days and 2 nights.  Instead of staying at a host from Airbnb, I am staying at a hotel for a change.  To stay near where I will be doing most of my work, I booked a room at Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun.  Sharing a room with a partner, the room cost about HK$500 per person for the 2 nights.  Super good deal for a hotel.

I was a little worried when I booked the hotel.  I thought it would be a really run down place for the price I paid.  It turns out to be very spacious and clean.  I am really glad I booked this hotel.  It totally exceeded my expectation.  I have stayed in the other 2 Skypark hotels in Myeongdong and those two are not nearly as nice as this one.

It's June when I went.  Totally don't know what those nutcrackers are doing there.  Christmas in June?

Love how they have a "princess floor".  I wonder what the rooms on that floor looks like.  Bet it's all pink and cute.  Want to try staying there next time.

So, the hallway are typical normal hotel hallways.  It's not some crazy fancy 5 stars hotels, can't expect the hallway to shine and be instagram ready.  However, it's decent and bright enough.

Love the big beds.  The room is a lot bigger than I expected.  A lot bigger than the hotels I stayed at in Myeongdong.  We can easily open up our luggage and still be able to walk around.

The washroom is nice and clean.

Since it's a hotel, it has all the daily amenities you will need.  Less things to bring when pacing our luggage.

Lots of closet place for us to hang out our clothes.

And of course complementary tea.  I read online that there are people doing disgusting things with the kettle.  Kind of stops me from boiling my own water.  

The view out our room window was amazing!  

All the shopping is just below our hotel.  We can shop nonstop for 24 hours.  Lots of whole sales.  Many of the wholesales shop will let you buy at a whole sale price if you buy 2 pieces or more.  So, go with a friend and shop until your arms and legs break.

Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun is at point Q in Places Part 3 on the map below:

Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun - Seoul, South Korea Hotel Skypark Kingstown Dongdaemun - Seoul, South Korea Reviewed by chichicho on Thursday, July 06, 2017 Rating: 5

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