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    Water Nail Decals~ (Water Transfer Nail Stickers)

    Saw on a group buying site for Water Nail Decals. Never new such things existed. Well, I did, but not full nail designs. Anyways, I got a pack of Water Nail Decals in a shop in Mong Kok. It was $12HKD. It has 12 pieces of full nail design in it. The quality was horrible...but hey, it's only $12HKD. But they sure are easy to use. Making a full floral design to be completed in 1 or 2 min. Since I don't like having all 10 fingers with the same design, the single pack of nail decal was enough for me to paint 3 pairs of hands. I helped my sis and mom do their nails. I finished doing their nails within 20min. Quick Quick!!!!
    The fingers with the pink roses are the Water Nail Decals.


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