Arriving at Angsana Velavaru

If you can see that tiny dot in the middle of the sea, that's the jet we flew in.  It stops in the middle of the sea.  Then we take the boat to get to the resort.

The little dock to get to our resort.

It was a pretty hot day.  We were greeted by the cold and sweet lemon sherbet.

The restaurant at the resort is pretty nice! 

At the very end is our room~
Saw this outside our room...anyone knows what it is? 
The logo for the resort?
This is our room/house~

Here is our room~  The rooftop where we will be having barbecues.

Outside our porch, there is a resting area that is connected to our own little dock where we can walk down to the water for a swim~

There is also a bed just above the water.....this is so cool!  Looks kind of scary at first.
Right next to the bed is our little pool.  Love it love it love it! You might think, "What's the use with a pool when you can just jump into the sea?" But then, my mom can't really swim in the sea, the current is too strong for her.  Also, it's tooooo scary to swim out in the sea at night!

Here is the bathroom...facing the sea. 

Here is the main bedroom...also facing the sea.

There, the main bedroom and the bathroom, which Cho and I won't be using.....
We get to stay in another room....a smaller room...

Hiding in the room of the "house" is this tiny bedroom.....compared to the rest of the place, this feels like a room for the helper/maid.  However, it's still nice! It has a glass door facing the sea.

It has been a very rushed morning....Cho got really hungry;....
We brought a few cup noodles for emergencies and it was one of those emergency moments~


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  1. It definetely looks like an awesome place for summer vacation! So adorable Island, looks like a very peacful place for meditation! I love it!
    I enjoyed those pictures here too about the Angsana Velavaru Resort,


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