BBQ on the rooftop!

So we caught a big fish the other night. That's why we had BBQ on the rooftop. We thought it would be a real BBQ, but instead we got this tiny grill placed on a hotpot. It's so weak that it took the thing 30min to fry an egg!!!! 30MIN!!!!!

Anyways, it seems Dad was really excited about fishing here in Maldives before he came here. He brought his own pack of ginger, garlic and leek all the way from Hong Kong for cooking the fish he caught here. He even brought his own private bottle of soy sauce from HK. Yes, his own private soy sauce that we never use. Only he uses it.

The 50 pounds fish, after being prepared by the chefs, it doesn't look much on that plate.

Here is another little fish we caught. Looks scary at this angle...

The private soy sauce my dad brought...

The egg that was cooking for 30min~

While waiting for food to be cooked, here is the view from the rooftop~
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