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    Girly Nails~

    One of the many designs I did a while back.  
    One of the many reasons why my sister, Cho, started doing crazy nails just so that hers can look more complicated. My sister is pretty competitive.  Whatever I do, she has to do it better.  It can gets quite stupid.  An example is that I am 5'5" and she is 5'2".  When I wear my heels, I am easily above 5'8".  So, Cho would wear those crazy high 5" (of higher) heels that I don't even know how to walk in, in attempt to be taller than me.  CRAZY! Anyways, to piss her off a little, I'd just wear my 3" or 4" heels.  Then I'd be just a little bit taller than her. HAHAHA!



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