Popin' Cookin' Sushi!

After seeing the video of this product on youtube last year, I have been longing for this.  However, it's not very common to find this product where I live.  It's a cooking toy set for making grape flavored sushi with powder and water!  And YES!  They are EDIBLE!

Finally came across this the other day and just had to get it! I went to get it during my lunch hour. I had to wait for the shop to open.  My colleagues and I literally banged on the shop's door hurrying them to open up.  But of course, the shop owner pretended she didn't hear us outside the shop.  We ended up 15min late for work.

 This is so cool!  The Japanese can make everything with just powder and water!
The yellow part is the egg and the red part is the tuna.

This is my favorite part.  Making the ikura!  Something about hydrocolloids in making the liquid orange stuff into little beads.  I have forgotten 90% of my food chemistry.  Already amazing that I somehow still have the word "hydrocolloids" in my brain.

They even come with soy sauce! Soy sauce that tastes like grape as well!

The entire sushi (the rice, the seaweed, the tamago, the maguro, the ikura) tastes like grape!
This is fun, cute and edible!
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