How to get rid of annoying air bubbles

I am pretty sure I am one of the last to realize this.....  or being a bit slow... But I have been troubled from having bubbly nail polish finishes for a long long time~ I have even tried looking for answers on yahoo answers, but nothing worked.
This is a picture from my back to basic post. you can clearly see that there are bubbles on my index finger! It drove me crazy.... I removed and reapplied my nail polish 3 times before I finally figured out why this happened.

There are two key points to note here:
1) Nail buffer
2) Gel Texture base coat.

I am sure all of your nail addicts would have one of these at home, and if you don't they are cheap. You can usually find it in your local dollar store or drug store for a couple bucks CND.

I find that when I wear too much nail polish and rub my nails too hard with nail polish remover when switching mani's the surface of my nail will have very small and thin nail flakes, almost like wood shavings. I use to just leave it and forget about it, and it didn't bother me much since it wasn't very serious. But this time I tired buffing my nails before I applying my base coat and it helped a lot!

The second thing I had to take note of is my base coat. Since it is a gel texture it is very thick and it gets thick very easily. So I thinned it out with my OPI Nail Lacquer thinner and it helped a lot. I added close to 20 drops. This made it very very liquidy which made it harder for air bubbles to get trapped :) Cheers

by cho

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