Vintage Floral

Vintage floral with some granny's doillies~
 From the trip to Shanghai recently, I got some nail stickers for $1RMB a pack.  That's about $0.15USD.  Isn't that a good deal?  The stickers are the doillies-like/lace stickers on my index and ring finger. I regret not getting more in Shanghai.  I should have load up with nail stickers.  As for the roses, they are water decals which I got online.  For about 110 roses, it was about $7USD.  I love shopping online or in China.  They have such low prices!

Anyways, I basically didn't paint anything only my nails other than the base color and the stripes.  The only part that took me a lot of time is when I had to wait for the base color to dry and the part where I have to stick the water decals on.  Doing both my hands took me about half an hour.  I am sure I can do it much quicker if I weren't doing it on my own hands.  It's always a struggle when my left hand is fighting to painting my right hand.  Anyone has tips on how to paint your right hand with your left? (for those that are right handed.

Vintage Floral Vintage Floral Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, April 21, 2012 Rating: 5


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