Watermelon Cake Pop Failure!!!!

We saw some watermelon cake pop on the internet. Saw the above pic from a here. They look sooooo cute in the picture. So, my friends and I decided to make our own cake pops.

We did a lot of research and found a recipe that looks easy enough. The steps were clear and pretty straight forward. However, until we starting making it...we realized its so hard to make.

First we made out own cake batter and baked it. It turned out fine and the cake smelled great.

Then the recipe said to add some frosting...we didn't know what is frosting, but we found a recipe to make it. We colored it red. It was too watery....we had to take out some of the liquid.

Then we added it to the crumbled cake.

The cake didn't turn out to be a dough like texture. It was kind of wet and won't really stick together.

We then added the chocolate chip or the watermelon seed effect. But the chocolate chip started melting!!!!

We tried to mold the dough into a ball to stick it onto the stick. But the dough wasn't hard enough to stay on the stick!!!!

Anyways, after many more obstacles, we kind of gave up and just let it be...
This looks NOTHING like the first picture....

Improvements for next time:

  1. Just bake the cake in little ball molds to avoid using frosting (It's too sweet to eat with all the chocolate and frosting.
  2. Add chocolate chip at then every end just before I bake the little cakes.  So, the chocolate chip won't melt and spread, making the cake look like SHIT...
  3. Avoid using liquid base food coloring.  Please excuse me for I am a baking ignorant.  I forgot adding a liquid base coloring will ruin the chocolate texture.  Will need to get OIL BASE food coloring for changing the chocolate color or just get colored chocolate melts.
  4. Add Crisco when melting chocolate to give it a smoother, more watery texture to easily coat the cake!
I can't wait to try it again!


Watermelon Cake Pop Failure!!!! Watermelon Cake Pop Failure!!!! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Friday, April 06, 2012 Rating: 5


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