Holographic Swatch: BK 10 & 20

Last time I did a swatch on the BK 10 with another purple holo color. This time both colors are BK's.

The silvery one is the same as last time which is a BK 10 and the black one is BK 20.
 This is after 2 coats of the polishes.  The silvery one has a really strong holo effect like last time but the holo on the black isn't very obvious unless under flash or some strong lighting.  Nonetheless, I still love both colors.  The bottle I got was only 6mL and just after painting 6 fingers (2 coats each), I have already used 1/4 of the bottle!!!  Maybe I'll need to get myself another bottle soon.

Here is a pic with flash 

Here is a close up pic with flash.

I think these nails are good for clubbing.  Your nails would be super bling with all the lighting effects in a club.  It makes me want to go clubbing just to check out my nails.  I think I am getting a little obsessed with these nails.

Holographic Swatch: BK 10 & 20 Holographic Swatch: BK 10 & 20 Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, June 09, 2012 Rating: 5

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