Summer Tribal Rainbow stamp manicure

This stamp pattern is again from the XL plate we bought earlier. You can see the actual image place from an earlier post we wrote here. It really was a good deal.

After watching Chi stamp her nails a couple times I think I finally know what I have been doing wrong for so long in the past! I am pressing down on the plate too hard when trying to pick up the color from the plate with my rubber stamping tool.

After I realized this, I think I have officially fallen in love with stamping my nails.
Being away from home, in Vancouver now,  I can't stamp my nails right now > < but would be going back to Hong Kong soon......

The nail polish I used from left to right:

Arezia: code 881
H&M Nail polish: Neon Lilac
Soo Nails: #s187
Nail party: 201
Essie: 162 Ballet Slippers

Hope you have enjoyed this.
by Cho
Summer Tribal Rainbow stamp manicure Summer Tribal Rainbow stamp manicure Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Wednesday, June 27, 2012 Rating: 5


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