Failed straw nails

If, there is anything I learned from this it is that when trying out new nail art, you must be patient.
There was a post on Pinterest awhile back that showed nails with circles all over and the blogger said that she used the end of a straw as a stamp.

In my mind I was thinking "that is brilliant, sounds easy enough, why didn't I think of it."
Well, it really isn't that easy. The end of a straw is big and flat, my nail bed is round and small....... it was very hard to get the full circle without getting too much polish on the nail and making a big blob like on my ring finger.

With that in mind, I had a very busy, rushed and frustrated day. Thinking that doing a quiet activity will soothe, me.... clearly it didn't.
I desperately attempted to save my nails (to make it look less like a giant mess) by using a dotting tool to hide it...... another fail.
I don't think the life span of this mani will be any more than 48 hours because it is pissing me off. For those who read through all my complaints and thinking why post a failed mani then.... it is to show all the women out there who feel bad when their mani doesn't work out, it happens to everyone.
By Cho
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  1. I've tried the straw mani multiple times, and it has never worked for me, neither does the splatter....I guess I can only use my straws from drinking lol

    1. splatter was the next one I wanted to try > <
      but it is good to know I am not the only one who struggles with these supposedly "easy simple mani's"

      I think this would be a lot easier if i did it on someone else's hands, otherwise straws really are just for drinking :p

  2. I think it looks awesome. I know what you mean though, people make things sound so easy and I go crazy trying to recreate it. I try to post my first attempts but I'm a little scared to try this one because I'm not so delicate with things

    1. Thanks for your support > <
      I am not too delicate with things either that is why I think this mani was so hard, especially doing it on my own hands.
      I would think it would be a lot easier on if it was done on someone else's hands.

      But it is great that you post your first attempts! I think it is so important!


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