Forever 21: Grey Unique Swatch

Ok I agree that the lighting isn't great, but just please bare with me.
I really should be using a real camera for all this, but it is just so convinent to just my phone. I can take, edit, and upload the pics all on my phone!!!! Much faster!!!!!

But here is the Forever 21: Grey Unique Swatch.
I am actually not quite sure if the word "unique" is really part of its name since it is written in caps and is underneath the word grey..... but I didn't see the harm in added it in anyways. So here it is.
I bought the color because I felt like I didn't have a dark grey in my collection and also it has small particles/dust in the polish that reflects gold. I thought that was very cool.
It is hard to see this clearly on my nails with my bad lighting, but you can see it in the bottle.
Now some ppl will be thinking: "a lot of the effects that you see when the polish is in the bottle does not show when it is on your nails". Good news. This one does :)
I love it. Overall, Forever 21 polishes don't really wow me. It is a decent converge. I put 2 coats for this. 

By Cho
Forever 21: Grey Unique Swatch Forever 21: Grey Unique Swatch Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Nice polish. I thought it is brown at first, but as I red your post and saw the bottle I realized that it is grey! :)

    1. I really need better lighting and a better camera > <
      but it is a really pretty grey :)


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