Squid Fishing

What's a summer activity that you can do in Hong Kong? It's squid fishing!!!!

It's been a while since I had a reunion with my university classmates. So, one of them decided to gather up with a fishing event.

I have went to several squid fishing trip in Hong Kong before. However, it's the first time that I board the boat at Tsim Sha Tsui public pier. The ones I went to before were at Sai Kung.

It was a super hot day. I was melting. I knew it would be like hell since I knew the boat won't have air conditioning and even if it did, they won't turn it on. So I had my hair up and out of my face.

It was a tour package of about $200 which included the gear to fish and dinner on the ship. There were 60 ppl on board. That makes about $12000 of revenue...maybe I should start a tour group.

We got on the boat around 7:30 pm the view across the harbour was absolutely beautiful. Soon after the boat started moving to the hunting spot, dinner was served. The food wasn't good, but acceptable.

I quickly started fishing after dinner. Fished for about an hour...and there was NOTHING!!!!! Out of the 60 people on board, only 1 girl got 1 squid!!!!! That was disappointing...but I knew this would happen, since I rarely got anything from past squid fishing experiences.

At least I got to look at the night scenery.


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