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With having a bulk of my life growing up in Vancouver, I have heard countless complaints about the rainy days we seem to have so far too often. Vancouver is just too well known for its wet rainy days.
This time I came back to Vancouver I was begging and praying for a sunny beautiful day so I can go out and enjoy the beautiful weather and breathe in the fresh air. The ironic thing is, when I finally heard that we were going go have a full 2 weeks of big beautiful sunshine I blanked out. I couldn’t remember all the fun things that I wanted to do.

All my friends' work schedules were also a problem, they all had to work on weekdays (obviously) so I needed to wait for the weekend before I could have any real group outdoor activity.
Then this brilliant idea came along!

I am sure a lot of ppl who reside in Vancouver haven’t done this before, or do it as often as they should because it is so so so so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOING TO DEER LAKE PARK!
There you can rent petal boats, kayaks, canoes, and row boat for as low as $17CND an hour. There you can enjoy the peaceful scenery and the occasional soft summer breeze!!!! It was so so fun.
What is even better is that it is so fun that you will find yourself paddeling vigourously for almost the whole time and not even notice it, a great great work out, flushing in the fresh crisp air!
I rented a canoe, I loved it. I am looking for my next return to Vancouver can possibly trying the row bow J

Deer Lake is at point A in the list "Places Part 1" on the map.

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  1. Great pictures, in Vancouver is leaving the cousin of my mother. I have never been there, but I know I few things about the city!
    Have a great weekend, and if you want visit my blog, I have a easy to make sangria recipe there, perfect for the weekend!

    1. Vancouver is super pretty indeed!!!
      Thanks for the recipe, believe or not I have been trying to find a good sangria recipe for a while.
      I will definitely try it!!!!
      Thanks Thanks


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