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    DIY Decal Nails

    I couple weeks ago pinterest taught me how to make my own nail decals.... I was so excited, thinking of all the possibilities. Took me a while to try it out and I don't know why but my first try is boring stripes, but this method can make my lines so straight and clean!!!! > < I love it. I will have a tutorial on how to make your own nail decals later, so stay tuned :)
    So this is what I started off with, as you can see, it was a little hard to match up the top of my nails with the strips of nail polish. So like I always do, "whenever in doubt, put dots." This is how I came up with my design :) I used my good old Sparitual Wipeout for my white like I always do :)

    Colors used 
    Essie: Topless & Barefoot
    H&M: Pink (From a couple summers ago, I can't find the name)
    Sparitual: Wipeout

    by Cho


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