How corny can you be?

These nails are dedicated to my wonderfully cute and silly friend.
When I see corns, I think of her. When I see her, I think of corns.

There’s a story behind it.

One day early in the morning, while I was half awake at work, half falling asleep, I smelled something funny.

Then my friend sitting 2 meters away, with a divider between us, asked with frown, “How can you tell if the corn has gone rotten?”

I look at her with the corn in her hands, I was fully awake by then and told her, "When I can smell your stinky corn from here, it’s definitely rotten!”

She quickly spit out the corn in her mouth and threw the rest in the garbage can, while my friend and I burst into laughter.

I still laugh now when I think about it. That thing smelled soooooooooooo bad. I have no idea how she could put it in her mouth…very disgusting.

Anyways, here are the nails I did for her, on her.

For her corny nails:

1. color the base with cream orange
2. dot on the yellow corn kernel
3. paint the base color of the leave
4. add lines to the green leaves

For the sky nails:

1. paint the base blue
2. use a dotting tool to create the cloud shapes.

When I picked out the colors at night, I thought it was a baby blue color. I guess it was just too dim and I didn’t see clearly, since it’s actually a grey. But doesn’t matter, coz we are in Hong Kong. With a grey sky, it’s more realistic. It’s so polluted here, we rarely ever see a bright blue sky anyways. It usually has a grayish tint to it~

I can’t stop laughing at her nails~

I think it’s more fun and interesting than the usual pink dots and stripes. I really like it…while my friend said it’s stupid and threaten that she will wash off my work of art tonight when she gets home.

These are the colors I used from left to right:
Color Combos: CBL 104
ME Matteeseelite: 907A Consigliere
American Apparel: Summer Peach
Sally Hanson Hard as Nail Extreme Wear: 27 Mellow Yellow
American Apparel: Mac Arthur Park 42018
American Apparel: Malibu Green 38977

How corny can you be? How corny can you be? Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Thursday, August 02, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. I have never seen such a design, very original, love the final result, looks cute!

    1. thanks!
      sadly, my friend said they are ugly and after only a few hours she has already started picking on them....

  2. haha. Sooo cool. I've never seen corn nails before.....but I like 'em!

    1. thanks to my friend for these weird ideas hahaha

  3. pretty ...u are talented it

  4. Haha, great story :D Lovely manicure, nice design :D


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