Leaders Clinic Mask Review Part 2

Day 1 & 2: Teatree Relaxing Mask
The first time I tried these masks I was amazed.
I have tired countless sheet masks in the past and this is rated at one of the higher up "wow's"
It evened out my skin tone right away, although most sheet masks do that, but this had quite a dramatic difference. 
It was as though I had a white circle around where the sheet mask was on my face. 
But of course, when I woke up the next morning, the effects has seemingly neutralized itself, but my skin is still super soft and supple.


Day 3 & 4: Aloe Soothing Mask 
The fit of the mask is also very nice. I have a fairly big and round face according to my sister and there was more than enough surface area for the sheet mask to cover my entire face. I even had a bit of extra room left. 
The type of cotton/fabric of the mask was also great. It wasn't too stiff like the others I have tried and it stuck closely against the skin.
I wasn't too amazed with the after effects of this mask. It did make my skin feel very supple, but other than that there wasn't a huge difference like the Teatree Mask. It is still a good product though.


Day 5 & 6: Vita Bright Mask 
This was also really nice. Like I said before the fit is really good. 
My skin was a lot brighter and again my skin was very supple. The difference with this mask and the teatree was that the next day my skin actually had a glow to it :) It was amazing! I have never had such a nice natural glow before... 


Day 7: Collegen Mask
By the last day, I can only say that I just can't be too nice to my skin. I started to get a little bit oily through the day. So I might suggest those people who are like me, who have normal composition skin (which is slightly oily) might want to space out the whole treatment and not use it everyday for 7 days. But that is only me :p
An important thing to keep note though, is that I do not wash these masks off. I try to pat and massage what is left on my skin and then that is it. I don't apply any night cream or serums when I was using these masks and when I wake up in the morning, I find that my skin is actually softer and nicer than when I used my serum and night cream. So that is another added bonus :)

by Cho
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