Sale at Cotton On!

What's worse than being surrounded by bitchiness from Monday to Friday at work?  It'shaving to stay home on a Friday night watching tv drama series alone at home.  Sadly, that's how I usually spend my Friday nights.  Fortunately, I have some place to go to last Friday.  Cho was out shopping in the city and asked me to go join her.  I rarely go out to the city since I work and live in the middle of nowhere.  It takes me over an hour to travel between home and the city.  So, usually after work, I'd just get lazy and head home and haven't seen the world for a long time.  

Cho was telling me that there is a sales at Cotton On and ask me to meet her there before we have dinner.  When I arrived she already had a pile of clothes in her arms.  She was telling me how it's so cheap and a must get blah blah blah.  She got herself 2 skirts.  The grey and turquoise skirts. Those were actually what I have been looking for.  However, after I tried them on, my butt was sticking out so much that I couldn't bare to look at myself in the mirror.  I have this problem with my butt.   It's not proportional to my waist.  When I can fit my butt in a skirt, it's too lose at the waist.  When I find a skirt that fits my waist, my butt just can't get through.  I blame this on my work.  I mainly sit all day in the office.  How do you get rid of big butts?

Cho also got herself this red purple-ish dress.  I don't know why she is so quick in finding things she likes.  She is an expert in shopping.  Always knowing where everything is.

Soon after I arrived, Cho was ready to check out.  Of course, she was waiting for me to swipe my credit card for the bill.  I feel a little tricked in going...At least she picked out a pair of purple/blue shorts for me.  It's pretty cute.  I don't have that color bottom anyways.  Nice to have a new color.  

Just as we were lining up to pay, Cho found this really cute iPhone case at the counter.  You can fit your iPhone and a few credit cards in it.  I have been looking for a new case.  I am using a silicon case now and it's so stretched that my phone can easily fall out. I have been looking for a new case for a long time.  The down side to this case is that you  must take out your phone when you want to take a photo and it doesn't have be strap on it for you to carry it like a little purse.  Maybe next time...when I see another better case.


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