Stamping Disaster

Why is it that some people can stamp so well and I can't?
The image won't transfer properly and the position is not straight.
I kept on wiping off my nails and redoing it.  I washed it 3 times!!!! 3 times!!!!!
Nail polish was all over the place and IN MY HAIR!
OMG! I hate stamping!
At the end, I didn't like the black on it, but I was too annoyed to wash it off again.
So, just let it be.

The images are from the XL Plate C that I got on earlier. The stamp on color is from American Apparel.
Is it because of the quality of the plate or because of the viscosity of the nail polish that's giving me such a hard time?
I hate how I have to clean the plate every few times because the cotton would somehow stick to my finger and the nail polish remove would ruin part of my nails.
How come people make it seem so easy on youtube??? WHY?!?!?!

Stamping Disaster Stamping Disaster Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Saturday, August 18, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. I suck at stamping also!~

  2. i dont see any desaster... they look fine to me... :)

  3. hey chk my post for a tutorial I did..maybe first u shud jus practise picking up stamping and putting it on paper

    1. Good idea. Will do some practicing in paper first.

  4. hey check out some of my stamping nail arts and tell me wat you think maybe? :)
    Your stamping isnt so bad.. it might be coz of the nail polish (only some of them come out bright) or some plates just suck... I've used only konad plates and polishes except for black :) hope this helps


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