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    The Mysterious Black Block

    Can anyone guess what this is? What were the first things that came to mind?
    This is actually a traditionally Chinese dessert that is quite hard to find now. This is a black sesame pudding cake. If you love sesame you would love this.
    I haven't seen this for ages, but the other night I came across an old granny on the street who was selling all types of traditional desserts and I could help myself and bought one.
    The texture is a little chewy but soft. I really enjoyed it.
    The grandma told me that she always has a stand in Central Hong Kong at the corner of Wellington street in LKF.
    I will definitely buy from her again if I see her :)

    The lady sells her dessert at point G in "Places Part 1" on the map.

    by Cho


    1. Hm...jee ma go? I've only seen this type of dessert in a roll up form at the dim sum places here in nyc...Now I want some -=D

      1. yup yup yup jee ma go. The ones I usually see are rolled up too. but this one in the pic is a layered cube, I find that it is a little chewyer in a good way :)

        I am also graving for more!



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