Spongebob Image Plate QA2!

Spongebob square pants,  Spongebob square pants, Spongebob squarepants!!!

From last nail purchase on taobao.com, I got this Spongebob image plate QA2!!!!
It was because of this plate that got me to buy a whole lot of other nail stuff.  Just couldn't wait to start using this!!!!! The packaging is ok~ Nothing fancy.

 It has this blue film on it which I can easily peel off.  The quality of this plate seems to be quite good.  It's better than the XL plate I got before on taobao.com.  It feels pretty sturdy and it feels pretty much like a Konad plate.  You have to layer up the images on this plate in order to make a complete Spongebob face.

So, first I need to paint the base of my nails yellow~ I just used a random cheap yellow nail polish that I got from SaSa.  The brush and texture suck.  It was hard to make a smooth coat.  Any brand with yellow polish that is good?

While I am waiting for the yellow base to dry, I went and clean off the lint and dust that has been collected on my Konad stamper.  I don't like using nail polish remover to clean my stamper.  I only use scotch tape to remove any dust and lint.  I find that it's easier to clean with tape without ruining my nails by accidentally wiping the nail polish remover on my nails.

Then I tried to stamp on the little sponge spots on with one of the images on the plate.  However, I didn't have a stamping polish in this color, I ended up using a dotting tool to randomly put spots on my fingers instead.  

While waiting for the dots to dry, I stamped on the "Sponge Bob" image on my pinky~  It went on quite smoothly.  The plate seems to be of pretty good quality~

After the dots have dried, I used Konad special polish in white to stamp on the first layer of the face.  The eye whites and the teeth.

As I suck in stamping, there is no way I can line up the outlines of the face to the white part that is already on my nails.  So, I used a method that I learn from a blog by transferring the image from a piece of paper to my nails.  I put on thin layer of clear top coat on the paper that stickers usually sticks on.  I hope you understand what I am talking about.  
Anyways, once dried, the clear top coat will come right off.

After the top coat on the paper has dried, I stamped the outline of the face onto the dried top coat.

Then with tweezers, I lifted the image up very easily.

Now I can easily line up the white part with the outline of the face. I had to rub it a little on my finger to warm up the clear top coat/outlines in order for it to stick on to my fingers.  This is also important to warm it up by rubbing so all the air bubbles would be taken out.  Try to use cheap thin top coat, non acrylic ones.  The cheap ones are usually softer and thinner, while the more expensive ones, the acrylic ones, are thick and "crunchy" when dried.  The crunchy ones will make it impossible to stick the top coat to your nails.

Then with a dotting tool, fill in the colors of the tongue and eyes.

       Do the same to the rest of the nails and add top coat. Then you are done!
I think I need a few more practices to make better images... they are a little rough now as my hands are too shaky when filling in the colors.
Spongebob Image Plate QA2! Spongebob Image Plate QA2! Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Sunday, September 02, 2012 Rating: 5


  1. Very nice tips...I love your nail art...I have similar plate I will try your method..:)

    1. on another blog I saw this girl uses glue as a base. I was thinking if I use glue instead of a clear polish, maybe the transfer would be even better. Coz now, when I look closely to my Spongebob faces, I can see some bubbles as the image didn't stick on perfectly. I think maybe glue would work better.

  2. This turned out great!!! Nice work ^_^

    1. Thx. It actually didn't turn out very good. Lots of bubbles as the top coat for the transfer base was too brittle. So it didn't

  3. Oooohhh! Thanks for the tip regarding the tape method! I haven't thought of that! lol. Now, I won't have to worry about cotton on my nails.


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