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A while back www.bornprettystore.com contacted me and asked if I would be interested to do a review for them.  I agreed and they sent me a sample to review.  I went to their site and they sell all kinds of beauty products.  Everything is free shipping worldwide.  You know how sometimes you just want 1 item that's probably about $4, but then the shipping turned out to be $10???  Then you'll force yourself to buy more even when you don't really need those extra items just to make that shipping cost seem more reasonable.  So, I really like their free shipping worldwide.

When I was looking at their nail products, I saw that they sell glitters. They sell glitters for the nails by the KILOGRAM!!!!  What would I do with a kg of glitter?  How many years would I need before I can finish using them on my nails? But of course, they also sell glitters in the regular little bottles that probably you, me and many others use. 

They also gave me a coupon code that is 5%.  So, if you are considering getting something from them, remember to use the coupon code AN5X61
Now, not only can you save money by not forcing yourself to buy more than you need, you can also get a 5% off.  The code is valid until Dec 31, 2012.

Anyways, I got a bottle of Ylin Color Change nail polish.  It's color #1.  The color is hot pink when cold and almost clear when warm.  Here is the link to the product I got:

I got the package in a bubble wrap envelope.

In the envelope, the bottle of nail poish was wrapped with layers and layers of foamy wrap.  Lots of protection.  It also came with a review card.

It's probably made in China as there are simplified Chinese all over it.
On the packaging, it says the formula is made with natural plant extract and is water base (don't know what that means, as it doesn't wash away with water.)  It also says it doesn't contain any harmful chemical and not flammable.

So, here are pictures of the final product.  I painted 3 coats of the nail polish on.  The drying time seems to be a lot slower than the usual nail polish.  Also, it dries matte.  For people who likes matte nail polish, maybe they would like it.  I personally don't like matte finish though.  It looks like dried cake batter.  Kind of disgusting.  I don't know if it's just me or what, but after 3 coats, it's just really hard to control the even-ness of the nail polish.

I stamp my XL image plate B on it and added a layer of top coat

I am a really warm person.  So, I had to paint this with the air conditioning on to see if the colors are ok and if I have painted enough.  If not, the polish would just turn clear after I applied on my fingers and I won't be able to tell if the polish is even at all.

After putting my hands in warm water, it turned clear.  On areas where I had too much nail polish on, you can see blotches of white. Later, I washed this off and did another set of nails and finally got the evenness right.  You must paint THIN layers.  I am usually lazy, so I just make thick layers.  However, with this nail polish, you must do thin layers to make it look even and to diminish the chances of the blotchiness.

Here is a video of my nails changing colors after dipping them in warm water.  Please forgive me for the horrible light and video quality.

  • The color changing effect is instant and is super fun!
  • It doesn't contain any harmful chemicals.
  • They have many other colors to choose from.

  • It dries matte (I don't like matte)
  • It dries slow
  • Hard to control the evenness at first, but you will get it after a few tries.

Let me know if you have tried other colors and if you have any tips on how to control the evenness.

Ylin Color Change Nail Polish from bornprettystore.com Ylin Color Change Nail Polish from bornprettystore.com Reviewed by thechichicho nails on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 Rating: 5


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