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    How I Fix My Dried Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Shadow

    Do you have a Jill Stuart jelly eye shadow?  I do!  I have a few and I love them.  I can use them as a base, an eye shadow alone or the glitter over my eyeshadow!  It's perfect for light work makeup and can add glam to your nigh makeup! 
    The bad part about this product is that it dries up VERY FAST!  And when it's dried hard, it's pretty much useless.  So, one day I was thinking if I could just add water to make it all jelly like again.  However, the thought of adding tap water was quite disgusting, since the tap water here is not even safe for drinking.  Then i remember I have this hyrating spray for face and tested my dried jelly eyeshadow with it! I used the face spray in the above picture.  I assume other brands will work just as fine~ 
    Anyways, IT WORKS!!!!  Yay! 


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