Ny trip Oct 2012

Here are some random pics from my recent New York trip.
I am not very much of a city girl, I like the beach and the ocean more hehe.... But the shopping is nice in New York. These pics are completely random snapshots of what I see everyday, at least some of the more interesting ones at least.
I don't think this pic can be called interesting, but I saw this on my way back to the hotel and I was a little scary. Pray that ppl at the fire scene didn't get hurt.

Like I have already express New York aren't one of my favourite trips, but finally the hotel I normally stay at has free WIFI!!!! it makes it a whole lot better!

Something that I really don't understand about NY and feel like I should share this with all those who only see the glamorous parts of NY from Gossip Girl and gets the wrong impression. All the garbage is piled up like a wall in front of the restaurants and stuff like a mountain! It is absolutely disgusting and it stinks! All of the liquids leak for the garbage bags so it still reaks even after all the garbage is picked up :(

One of the things I do enjoy about NY! I love this Cider! I really does taste like strawberry and lime soda or something!!! so so good. I have not see it anywhere else though. I have tried looking for it in Hong Kong and Vancouver, but I have had no luck > < If you ever get a chance I strongly recommend that you try this!

by Cho
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  1. I was never in New York or America, it is to far :)) I am sure it is a great experience. That Cider looks great!

    1. New is a nice place to go if you are going for play hehehe
      but I was there for work which makes it less fun hehe



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