Customized Nike Shoes!

It's my dad's birthday and it took us a while to think about what to get him. The reason is that he is a picky person. He doesn't like new things and he basically has everything he needs. We usually get him shirts, since he only wear the same shirt everyday. Well, not exactly the same since each shirt has a tiny little difference that you won't notice unless you look very closely.

Anyways, we saw that our dad still wears his worn out runners that already have holes forming on the bottom. Not that he doesn't have other shoes to wear, in fact he has A LOT of shoes, he just loves his old Nike. As much as we wanna get him a brand new pair of Nikes of the same style, that model is discontinued.

We stumbled upon that lets you customize your own Nike shoes. You can start off your design with an existing model and customize the details of it. You can even add your own initials to it.

These took about 3 weeks to make and deliver. I hope my dad likes them.


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