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    Premake sausage egg mc muffin recipe

    Who else is a major fan of the Sausage Egg Mcmuffin at McD's?
    I always have a hard time waking up in time to get this devilish goodies. Even if I have wake up in time to get these goodies, it i such a guilty pleasure since they have so much calories in them > < 

    So I have been searching online and found this lovely recipe for premaking these goodies so i can make it a grab and go kinda thing :) Super simple and fast.

    1. What you will need:

    2. Grease your muffin tins and crack the eggs into a muffin tin and bake it until the eggs are cooked. I set my over at 125 degrees C and just watched for the egg whites to turn white.

    3. Carefully scoop out the eggs and set aside

    4. Slice open your bread (I couldn't find English muffins in hong kong > < 

    5. Stack up all your goodies nicely on top of a baking paper and then wrap it up :) This way you can pop it into the microwave or the oven.

    6. For reheating it at work :) I opened up the sandwich so it would heat up faster and also because my over is very very small. 

    7. The finished product :)

    By Cho


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