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    Cover FX Brite Prep Brightening Foundation Primer SPF 50 review

    I have been using this product for quite some time now and I am not quite sure that I love it. 
    I went and tried this product because it was recommended to me by a friend since I was looking for a brightening / whitening foundation primer. 

    I was using this product everyday for about 2 months and I didn't feel at all that it brightened my skin, but I hate to waste stuff so I just kept using it. This product is quite thick and oily. I find that it is great for when I am in Vancouver in the winter time since I really need all the oil and moisture I can get, but when I am in Hong Kong unless it is one of those super cold days I can't use this. Otherwise it is like all my makeup just slides off my face. 

    At one point I actually got quite sick of it because of its texture, and left it in my drawer for a couple months. I have recently picked up the product again and to my surprise I am liking it a lot more the second time around. It could be because the weather is quite dry lately in Vancouver so the moisture this gives is helping my skin out.

    In the end would I recommend this to a friend, I don't think so since I am still not a huge fan of thick creamy foundation bases. Would I buy this product again, I don't think so because again I like my foundation bases to be runny and milky, furthermore it didn't brighten my skin at all. 

    by Cho


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