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    My nail kit on the go

    I am going back to Vancouver for a couple weeks and I know I have to bring some of my nail goodies with me otherwise I am sure I would go crazy if I can't paint my nails > < 

    It was very hard to try and pick out what was essential since I can't bring my whole nail station and also I needed to make sure that I didn't take anything that Chi cannot live without otherwise she would go crazy. I thought it would be interesting to share with all of you what I think to be must haves and must needs for doing nail art.  
    • basic colours and nail striper
    • some water decals
    • rhinestones in various sizes
    • dotting tool
    • cuticle stick
    • nail filer
    • tweezers 
    • ENAS stamper (I brought this along in hopes that I can do a review on this hehehe)


    1. I have the same problem when I'm travelling. Mostly I just take my basic nail care stuff with me + nail polish remover. For the polishes, well, it's always a good excuse to buy new ones hehe ^.^ But thanks for sharing. It's really interesting to see what other people take with them. Have fun in Vancouver!

      1. Hehehe, I agree, I actually love to see what others bring in their makeup bags and their daily routines and all that kind of stuff, I think it helps bring in new ideas :)



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