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    Peacock Feather Nail Art

    I got some feather water decal.  As my skin is quite dark, not the healthy glowy tan, but a dirty ashy brown, green/blue makes my skin looks very dirty.  So, wearing Chanel's 657 Azure alone will not look very good.  So, I decided to add something white to lighten it up.  These white feathers are perfect!  Now, it really looks like a peacock themed nails~ I love these.  They are so pretty!!!!

    I was so excited about doing these nails that I didn't take a picture of the sheet of decal before I used them all up.

    I can probably paint the feathers on myself.  However, the thought of having to paint with my non-dominant hand totally stopped me from doing so.



    1. wow! it looks amazing! I love feather nails so these decals <3

      1. These decals make the classic feather nails effortless!!!! I love them



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